Serbian Food – the Best of Our Traditional Cuisine

One of the reasons why tourists come back to Serbia over and over again is Serbian food. Serbian traditional dishes are tasty, spicy and rich in flavor.

Here is our top 5 list of Serbian dishes that you must try if you come to this beautiful country.

1. Karadjordje’s Steak (Karađorđeva snicla)

karadjordje's steak on the plate

This steak was first made by the famous Serbian cook, Mica Stojanovic when he wanted to impress important guests in his restaurant. And you can bet that he had succeeded!

Karadjordje’s steak became so popular since then, that gourmands from all over the world consider it to be a sort of a Serbian brand.

The dish is made of pork filet filled with kajmak (Serbian cheese cream) which is rolled into flour and egg and then fried. This preparation method makes it both juicy and crunchy. It is usually served with tartar sauce.

2. Sarma – famous Serbian food


Another traditional dish that can be regarded as Serbian brand is sarma. It is among favorite foods among both tourists and locals.

Sarma is made of sauerkraut rolled with minced meat and bacon. Every cook in Serbia has her own “secret” recipe for making the best sarma.

3. Cevapcici (minced meat fingers)

cevapcici traditional food

This dish can be crowned as a king of the Serbian barbecue. So, it is mandatory for almost every celebration, picknick or dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Cevapcici are made with a bit of onion and they taste great with French fries, tomato salad and, of course, a beer. They became favorite food to everyone who tries them once and, if you like meat, you will love them at the first bite.

4. Komplet lepinja from west Serbia

komplet lepinja

This Serbian food specialty has originated from west part of the country – Zlatibor and Uzice. When you put an egg over a flat bun and bake it with pretop (sauce made of animal fat) you get a komplet lepinja. You can add some prsuta (dry-cured ham) if you like the taste of meat.

One komplet lepinja has about 2000 calories, so be careful if you watch your weight.

5. Prebranac

prebranac baked beans

Prebranac or a baked beans is one of the Serbian dishes that is also loved by vegetarians. It is simple to make, and also delicious to consume.

Some people like to add meat to the original recipe, to get a stronger flavor. However, prebranac traditionally contains only beans, onion, red pepper, plant oil, and bay leaf.

These dishes are our top recommendation for Serbian cuisine. What is your favorite Serbian dish?

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