Five Things That Can Ruin Your Night out in Belgrade

Belgrade is known as the city that never sleeps and clubs are one of the reasons why young people just love to come to Serbia’s capital. However, there are a few things that can ruin your night out in Belgrade.

This is our top 5!

Clubs Are Not Full Until 1 am

Although Belgrade is one of the best places for clubbing in Europe, the atmosphere is not heating up until 1 am. If you stop by to a club about 11 pm, the chances are that you will be disappointed! It will be almost empty.

Luckily for you, there are many pubs where you can “kill time” while waiting for the midnight to pass. Prices in the pubs are much more affordable than in the clubs, so you can use the situation to get more booze for less money.

The List Can Ruin Your Night out in Belgrade

Don’t get mad if you see people getting into the club in front of you, while you have to wait in line. That is because they are on the list. Those who are not on that list will usually wait until someone gets out because the club is “full”. Instead of making noise and arguing with the security, use this time to chat with locals who are in the same situation…

People waiting in line to get into a nightclub

Mandatory Coat Check

Like it is not enough to charge people more than 5e for a cocktail! Many nightclubs in Belgrade will also ask you to pay for a mandatory coat check. Although it is not a significant fee, it is not a money well spent.

Very Agile Waiters

Often you will come across very agile waiters that will run around you like hyenas. As soon as you get close to the bottom of your glass, they will take it away, forcing you to order more. If you decide to sip one drink all night, prepare yourself for angry frowns.

Reserved Tables for Imaginary Guests

Don’t get surprised if you notice that some reserved tables are being empty all night. There is always a seat waiting for a VIP guest that will never show up, while you have to stand in the crowd near the bar. I know that it sucks, but it’s reality.

What do you think, what can ruin your night out in Belgrade? 



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