Best Time to Visit Belgrade

Visiting Belgrade is one of a kind experience, no matter the season. However, some of you will have different preferences when it comes to the best time to visit Belgrade, depending on weather conditions, personal schedule, our public holidays and in many cases – music festivals.

Climate in Belgrade

Serbia is blessed with four seasons since it has continental climate according to Köppen climate classification. This means that Belgrade offers different indoor and outdoor activities for tourists in different time of year.

Let’s see the characteristics of every season. Also, we will give you several suggestions how to have fun in Belgrade, even if it is too hot, cold, windy or rainy.


Summer in Belgrade is just amazing, but it can get really hot. Temperatures during the day can go over 40 C in July and August. Although it is not raining often during this time of year, you can sometimes get surprised by a warm rain shower.

Also, summer is the season of music festivals. In July there is a famous Exit Fest in Novi Sad (less than 100 km from Belgrade). August is reserved for Beer Fest at Usce and some smaller festivals across the Serbia. For those who would like to feel authentic rural Serbian atmosphere with sounds of Balkan trumpet, Guca Festival (near Cacak, about 160km from Belgrade) is a place to be.

One of the gems of Serbian capital is Ada Ciganlija. This lake is located about 15 minutes by bus from the city center, and you can get there from our hostel with bus number 37.  Besides swimming, there are many other activities that we recommend for you:

  • Bike riding – there are several bike rental stations
  • Rollerblading
  • Beach volleyball
  • Aqua skiing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Adventure Park
  • Riding a pedal boat
  • Staying at the afterparty in some of the numerous cafes.

Tip: Ada can be crowded on Saturday and Sunday, so it is better to go there during the working week.

During the summer, Belgrade’s nightlife moves from winter nightclubs to opened places on the river called splavovi. If you like fancy places, you should also check out Beton Hala in the city center.

Best Time to Visit Belgrade During Summer


As the summer fades away, autumn brings cooler temperatures and rich cultural life. Theatre season starts in September and Belgrade museums and concert halls come alive during this time of year.

Nightclubs in the city center will open the door for you with a diverse DJ lineup. Also, this is the best time to enjoy traditional Serbian food like sarma, prebranac, and ajvar. Skadarska Street is one of the places with the best national restaurants in town, so if you feel like trying out our traditional dishes, we recommend places like Tri Sesira (Three Hats) or Dva Jelena (Two Deers).

Autumn near Ada Ciganlija


In Belgrade, winter brings a spark of magic together with really low temperatures that can go below -10 C. For those of you who like ice skating, you can go to Pionir hall and enjoy this winter sport. Also, visit Ski Staza Caffe at Kosutnjak for a short ski slope and a glass of boiled wine.

Belgrade is especially beautiful before the New Year’s holidays because of the special lighting in the city center. Every year for the New Year’s Eve, famous musicians perform in front of the crowd in the Republic Square. This is a kind of tradition that you definitely shouldn’t miss out if you are in Belgrade.

New Year's Eve Belgrade


If you don’t like extreme temperatures, this can be the best time to visit Belgrade. Temperatures go between 10 C in March up to 26 C in May.

On the 1st of May, Serbs traditionally get up early (about 5 am) and go to fields and parks to organize barbeque in the open.

Also, spring is the time when outdoor activities like bike riding and rollerblading become popular again at Ada Ciganlija.

St. Sava Temple in Spring

So, When Is The Best Time to Visit Belgrade

The answer is – anytime. It is up to you to decide what time suits you best. No matter when you come to our beautiful city, memorable moments are guaranteed.

Let’s recap:

  • During the summer it can get really hot. Pros: music festivals, nightlife on the rivers, Ada Ciganlija, tours from Belgrade. Cons: high temperatures during the day.
  • Autumn: Cooler temperatures, rich cultural life, great food.
  • Winter: Ice skating, holidays
  • Spring: Moderate temperatures

What do you think, when is the best time to visit Belgrade? 

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