What to Do in Belgrade – Our 8 Suggestions

Belgrade is the dazzling capital of Serbia. People from all over the world like to come to this city for its overwhelming beauty. Belgrade is known as the city that never sleeps. It has many cafes and nightclubs that work until the early morning. It also has magnificent architecture, peaceful green parks, splendid restaurants with authentic Serbian food, and of course many hotels and hostels you can stay in. So, what to do in Belgrade when you visit this amazing city?

Let’s find out!

What to do in Belgrade when you like culture

Belgrade is a city with a long history and rich culture. It has many museums, art galleries, concert halls and other things that can be interesting for tourists. Here are some of our suggestions for you.

Visit National Museum of Serbia

The National Museum of Serbia holds one of the finest historical collections in Europe. It has over 400 000 objects, including many great masterpieces by Renoir, Monet, and Picasso. It puts Belgrade in the cultural heart of Serbia and it is considered to be a national treasure. Aside from priceless artifacts from all periods of Serbian history, the museum’s greatest possession is the earliest example of Cyrillic manuscript in existence – The Miroslav’s Gospel. It is dating back from 12th century.

Serbs are very history conscience people. This is what motivated Belgraders to start preserving and protecting national cultural heritage. So, this museum was founded in 1844. For centuries, Belgrade was a city under occupation. The National Museum itself was a result of Serbian national awakening.

What to do in Belgrade at National Museum

Go to Milosev Konak

It was built by the founder of the Obrenovic dynasty – Milos Obrenovic. He was the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising, two years after the First Serbian Uprising was brutally crushed by the Ottomans. It resulted in the creation of modern Serbia.

The leader of the revolution Milos Obrenovic became the prince of the newly formed principality of Serbia. Who knows what Belgrade would look like today if it wasn’t for this man. He was a true revolutionary and his legacy lives to this day.

Nowhere is his spirit felt more than in the mansion which he built for himself – Milosev Konak. This is also the place where Prince Milos died and one of the last pieces of traditional Balkan architecture.

So, Milosev Konak preserves the ambiance of anti-Ottoman struggle during these revolutionary times in an excellent historical exhibit.

Next to the mansion, there is one of the oldest and the most beautiful Platanus trees in Europe. According to the legend, this was the last tree that Prince Milos ordered to be planted in limestone hole. This is why the tree has a beautiful white color.

The mention is located at Topcider Park.

Still wondering what to do in Belgrade? Just keep reading.

milosev konak in belgrade

Admire Saint Sava Temple

It is one of the holiest sites for all Orthodox Christians, located in the Vracar neighborhood in Belgrade.

The temple was dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an important figure in medieval Serbia. So, it would not be wrong to say that this church took forever to build. Construction started in 1935, but it was interrupted by the German attack in 1941. When Belgrade was liberated, the communist government decided to use this unfinished church as storage space.

It was not until 1985 that construction continued. The greatest achievement of the process was the lifting of the 4000 tons central dome, which was built on the ground. The lifting, which took 40 days, was finished in 1989.

What we have today is, perhaps, the most monumental building in the city. The temple dominates the cityscape, and it is an undeniable example that persistence, in the end, pays off.

st. sava temple in Belgrade

Go to Belgrade Beneath Belgrade

If you wonder what to do in Belgrade – just go beneath. There are several locations around town including Kalemegdan, where you can go underground and experience Belgrade beneath Belgrade. Specials tours will take you to see caves, dungeons, bunkers, tunnels and other structures built by people who settled in this city.

During the nazi occupation, the Gestapo used underground caves in Tasmajdan as bomb shelters.

tours beneath the city

Things to do if you love nature

Belgraders love their parks! There are 65 public parks in Belgrade, covering an overall area of 36 hectares. Stroll around and pick your favorite.

Let’s name a few.

Stroll Through Kalemegdan

The most famous park is the one around the Kalemegdan Fortress. This is the most popular park among Belgraders and tourists who visit our city.

A green oasis in urban Serbia’s capital, the park has many winding walking paths, picturesque fountains, benches, historical architecture, and breathtaking river views.

It is also the oldest part of the city we now know as Belgrade. For centuries, the city’s inhabitants lived only inside the walls of the fortress. Kalemegdan is an old Turkish word for a battlefield.

kalemegdan park

Play Sports at Tasmajdan Park

Tasmajdan park is located in the city center. Tasmajdan is an old Turkish word for a stone quarry. In fact, most of the stone needed to build Belgrade was found right underneath this park.

Tasmajdan has also a few cafes, gym in the open and a jogging track. There is a large sports center beside the park, so it is a place to be if you like sports. During the summer you can enjoy the sun at the opened swimming pool and during the winter you can go to the closed Olympic pool for a swim.

Inside the park, there is the Church of Saint Marko, built just before the start of  The World War II. It is modeled after the famous Gracanica Monastery which is located in Southern Serbia.

tasmajdan park

For Party Lovers

You will never feel alone when you are in Belgrade. It is always easy to meet new people. After all, Belgraders make this city what it is. So, there will be no dilemma what to do in Belgrade at night – just party.

Go to Strahinjica Bana Street

This street is better known as Silicon Walley. The name comes from the silicon attributes of the girls that like to come to this street. To many of them, physical appearance means a lot.

There are many different cafes and pubs here, but watch out for the prices. This is one of the fancy parts of Belgrade, so the drinks are not quite cheap.


Party at Kafanas

Kafanas are Serbian national restaurants which serve delicious dishes like sarma or cevapcici. But that is not all. At nighttime, many kafanas create an amazing party atmosphere. They also offer live music, cheap drinks, good food and a night you will probably never forget (depending on how much you drink).

But beyond the excellent food and atmosphere, the term kafana stands for something more. It stands for bohemian lifestyle and Skadarlia Street is famous for that.

Initially a Gipsy settlement, Skadarlia soon evolved into an artist hotspot, because of the close proximity to the National Theater. It became the center of literary and artistic life. Belgraders like to compare Skadarlia with Montmartre in Paris.

Our hostel is on the street that is perpendicular to Skadarlia, so if you would like to feel real bohemian Belgrade rent a room at our place.

Hope that our 8 suggestions helped you to decide what to do in Belgrade. Also, if you have some other recommendations, feel free to comment below.

If you want to find out why people love Belgrade, check out this video.


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