Skadarlija hostel – 5 reasons to choose this location

Skadarlija is an old bohemian street located in the city center. It is among top places which you must experience while visiting Belgrade. But, many tourists might wonder should they stay in a Skadarlija hostel. The answer is YES! And here are 5 reasons to do so…

It saves you money

You might wonder how. Well, when you stay at Skadarlija hostel, you will be a few minutes away from famous tourist attractions, like Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan or Terazije. You won’t need to waste money on buses or taxi.

Great food

This street is famous for great food at affordable prices. There are several different national restaurants here (a national restaurant is often called kafana in Serbia), so you will be able to choose your favorite. Here are a some of our suggestions:

  • Mali vrabac
  • Šešir moj
  • Dva jelena
  • Zlatni bokal
  • Ima dana
  • Tri šešira

Money saving tip: If you are traveling on the budget, you might want to eat in the hostel. There is a green market Bajlonijeva pijaca very close to Skadarlija, so you can buy everything you need there.

Kafana - Skadarlija

Fun, fun, fun

Since it is in the city center, Skadarlija is also close to Belgrade’s best nightclubs. You can warm up at pubs until midnight and then you can move on to some more interesting places. Also, it is important for you to know that drinks are much more expensive at clubs then in pubs, and prices can even be twice higher.

So, here is a list of nightclubs in the city center:

  • Stefan Braun, 4 Nemanjina Street
  • Brankow, 12 Crnogorska Street
  • Square, 15 Students Square
  • Mladost, 44 Karadjordjeva Street
  • Ludost, 44 Karadjordjeva Street
  • Gadost, 44 Karadjordjeva Street
  • Community by Casina, 25 Terazije
  • Bitef Art Cafe, 1 Mire Trailovic Square
  • Dobrila, 30 Dobracina Street
  • Rokanje, 15 Cetinjska Street (close to our hostel)

Belgrade party


Rich history

Even if are not a party animal, you can still have a great time while staying at Skadarlija. This street has a rich history, so if you like to learn facts about cities you visit, you will definitely be at the right place.

Many people don’t know that before it became a bohemian quarter, this area was a Gipsy district. It was urbanized in 1870. Also, there was a Bibi’s Creek flowing through.

The river is near our Skadarlija hostel

Although this street is not located on the river, you can take a 15-minute walk from Skadarlija hostel to 25. Maj. From there, go towards Kalemegdan, and you will have an amazing view to this ancient fortress. For those who like to ride a bike, this location is also great, because there is a bicycle path from 25. Maj to Ada Ciganlija or Novi Beograd.

Now you know five reasons to stay at Skadarlija hostel. Therefore if would you like to be in the city center on a budget, you can book a dormitory room at Bed ‘n’ Beer. Single rooms are a bit more expensive, but you will have the privacy almost like in a hotel.

We are looking forward to greeting you at our hostel.


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Bed ‘n’ Beer is located in the middle of Belgrade’s bohemian quarter – Skadarlija! It is one of the best locations you can find in Serbia’s capital. We offer you accommodation in the heart of the city, just minutes from Belgrade’s main attractions – Kalemegdan fortress and main pedestrian street – Knez Mihailova. Also, B’n’ B is close to many cafes, pubs, and nightclubs!

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