The Free Original Belgrade Alternative Tour

If you only take one tour in Belgrade, take this one! The Original Free Belgrade Alternative Tour has been created out of the pure passion for sharing knowledge.

Belgrade has a very long history. The Romans were here. So were the Ottomans. The city was fought over countless times as it was handed back and forth between various powers. All the different cultures that have inhabited Belgrade over the centuries have contributed to the local people becoming a mix of cultures all coming together to create the Serbian Melting Pot.

The city was once the capital of Yugoslavia, a strong and powerful nation. After Yugoslavia’s collapse, it was “forgotten” in part due to wars and political conflicts.
This provided an ideal ground for an “alternative” scene to develop. Belgrade has its own original and unique character that has to be experienced first-hand.

Locals and expats alike have chosen come here to live their lives a bit differently than the norm. They contribute to the city’s unique atmosphere. You will see the people here are friendly, eager to get to know you and show you around their town.

The Free Belgrade alternative tour takes about 2 hours and features:

  • Belgrade’s Creative District: Savamala
  • Graffiti Street Art
  • Street Gallery
  • Urban Lifestyle And Venues
  • Community And Street Projects

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