Day Trips From Belgrade for Hot Summer Days

Since the summer is here, you might want to cool down while staying in the hot capital of Serbia. If you have an extra day or two, you can join one of the organized day trips from Belgrade. Just make sure that you pick trips which include water activities and you will kill two birds with one stone – you will get the chance to cool down while exploring our beautiful country.

Day Trips from Belgrade Recommended by Hostel Bed ‘n’ Beer

Our staff is always enthusiastic when it comes to traveling, so we’ve been through every corner of Serbia. Here’s what we recommend for you to visit during the hottest days:

  • Drina Regatta
  • Drina Kayaking
  • Treasures of Eastern Serbia.

Always pick tours with English speaking guide because, besides planned activities, there are a lot of interesting information you don’t want to miss out.

Drina Regatta

River Drina is located on the border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is 345 km long. Traditionally, every year in July, people gather on this river to be part of a famous event – Drina Regatta.

Rafting starts at Perucac Lake and it goes all the way to Rogacica. This is approximately 25 km long part of the river and the ride lasts about four hours. Water temperature is about 16 C, so you will always have a way to fight the heat.

river drina

Drina Kayaking

This another day trip that explores this amazing green river.  You will be stunned by the breathtaking view of the mountainous landscape that surrounds the Drina.

The adventure lasts for three hours and it includes stopping by at Verlo and Perucac Lake. If you like to live your life to the fullest, this is the right option for you.

Treasures of Eastern Serbia

If you are not adventurous enough for previous day trips from Belgrade, don’t worry. This one is made for hedonists! You will visit famous Resava Cave, which is considered to be one of the oldest caves in Serbia. After that, you will go to the highest waterfall in the country called Veliki Buk and to Krupanj Springs.

swimming pool at Spa Zdrelo

But, the best is saved for last. The final stop is at Zdrelo Spa, where you will get the chance to relax in the water park with both cold and warm waters. This will be the perfect end of your day trip?

How do you feel about spending hot summer days on some of the described day trips?

Serbian Food – the Best of Our Traditional Cuisine

One of the reasons why tourists come back to Serbia over and over again is Serbian food. Serbian traditional dishes are tasty, spicy and rich in flavor.

Here is our top 5 list of Serbian dishes that you must try if you come to this beautiful country.

1. Karadjordje’s Steak (Karađorđeva snicla)

karadjordje's steak on the plate

This steak was first made by the famous Serbian cook, Mica Stojanovic when he wanted to impress important guests in his restaurant. And you can bet that he had succeeded!

Karadjordje’s steak became so popular since then, that gourmands from all over the world consider it to be a sort of a Serbian brand.

The dish is made of pork filet filled with kajmak (Serbian cheese cream) which is rolled into flour and egg and then fried. This preparation method makes it both juicy and crunchy. It is usually served with tartar sauce.

2. Sarma – famous Serbian food


Another traditional dish that can be regarded as Serbian brand is sarma. It is among favorite foods among both tourists and locals.

Sarma is made of sauerkraut rolled with minced meat and bacon. Every cook in Serbia has her own “secret” recipe for making the best sarma.

3. Cevapcici (minced meat fingers)

cevapcici traditional food

This dish can be crowned as a king of the Serbian barbecue. So, it is mandatory for almost every celebration, picknick or dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Cevapcici are made with a bit of onion and they taste great with French fries, tomato salad and, of course, a beer. They became favorite food to everyone who tries them once and, if you like meat, you will love them at the first bite.

4. Komplet lepinja from west Serbia

komplet lepinja

This Serbian food specialty has originated from west part of the country – Zlatibor and Uzice. When you put an egg over a flat bun and bake it with pretop (sauce made of animal fat) you get a komplet lepinja. You can add some prsuta (dry-cured ham) if you like the taste of meat.

One komplet lepinja has about 2000 calories, so be careful if you watch your weight.

5. Prebranac

prebranac baked beans

Prebranac or a baked beans is one of the Serbian dishes that is also loved by vegetarians. It is simple to make, and also delicious to consume.

Some people like to add meat to the original recipe, to get a stronger flavor. However, prebranac traditionally contains only beans, onion, red pepper, plant oil, and bay leaf.

These dishes are our top recommendation for Serbian cuisine. What is your favorite Serbian dish?

P.S. You should try tasty breakfast that we serve in our hostel!



What to Do in Belgrade – Our 8 Suggestions

Belgrade is the dazzling capital of Serbia. People from all over the world like to come to this city for its overwhelming beauty. Belgrade is known as the city that never sleeps. It has many cafes and nightclubs that work until the early morning. It also has magnificent architecture, peaceful green parks, splendid restaurants with authentic Serbian food, and of course many hotels and hostels you can stay in. So, what to do in Belgrade when you visit this amazing city?

Let’s find out!

What to do in Belgrade when you like culture

Belgrade is a city with a long history and rich culture. It has many museums, art galleries, concert halls and other things that can be interesting for tourists. Here are some of our suggestions for you.

Visit National Museum of Serbia

The National Museum of Serbia holds one of the finest historical collections in Europe. It has over 400 000 objects, including many great masterpieces by Renoir, Monet, and Picasso. It puts Belgrade in the cultural heart of Serbia and it is considered to be a national treasure. Aside from priceless artifacts from all periods of Serbian history, the museum’s greatest possession is the earliest example of Cyrillic manuscript in existence – The Miroslav’s Gospel. It is dating back from 12th century.

Serbs are very history conscience people. This is what motivated Belgraders to start preserving and protecting national cultural heritage. So, this museum was founded in 1844. For centuries, Belgrade was a city under occupation. The National Museum itself was a result of Serbian national awakening.

What to do in Belgrade at National Museum

Go to Milosev Konak

It was built by the founder of the Obrenovic dynasty – Milos Obrenovic. He was the leader of the Second Serbian Uprising, two years after the First Serbian Uprising was brutally crushed by the Ottomans. It resulted in the creation of modern Serbia.

The leader of the revolution Milos Obrenovic became the prince of the newly formed principality of Serbia. Who knows what Belgrade would look like today if it wasn’t for this man. He was a true revolutionary and his legacy lives to this day.

Nowhere is his spirit felt more than in the mansion which he built for himself – Milosev Konak. This is also the place where Prince Milos died and one of the last pieces of traditional Balkan architecture.

So, Milosev Konak preserves the ambiance of anti-Ottoman struggle during these revolutionary times in an excellent historical exhibit.

Next to the mansion, there is one of the oldest and the most beautiful Platanus trees in Europe. According to the legend, this was the last tree that Prince Milos ordered to be planted in limestone hole. This is why the tree has a beautiful white color.

The mention is located at Topcider Park.

Still wondering what to do in Belgrade? Just keep reading.

milosev konak in belgrade

Admire Saint Sava Temple

It is one of the holiest sites for all Orthodox Christians, located in the Vracar neighborhood in Belgrade.

The temple was dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an important figure in medieval Serbia. So, it would not be wrong to say that this church took forever to build. Construction started in 1935, but it was interrupted by the German attack in 1941. When Belgrade was liberated, the communist government decided to use this unfinished church as storage space.

It was not until 1985 that construction continued. The greatest achievement of the process was the lifting of the 4000 tons central dome, which was built on the ground. The lifting, which took 40 days, was finished in 1989.

What we have today is, perhaps, the most monumental building in the city. The temple dominates the cityscape, and it is an undeniable example that persistence, in the end, pays off.

st. sava temple in Belgrade

Go to Belgrade Beneath Belgrade

If you wonder what to do in Belgrade – just go beneath. There are several locations around town including Kalemegdan, where you can go underground and experience Belgrade beneath Belgrade. Specials tours will take you to see caves, dungeons, bunkers, tunnels and other structures built by people who settled in this city.

During the nazi occupation, the Gestapo used underground caves in Tasmajdan as bomb shelters.

tours beneath the city

Things to do if you love nature

Belgraders love their parks! There are 65 public parks in Belgrade, covering an overall area of 36 hectares. Stroll around and pick your favorite.

Let’s name a few.

Stroll Through Kalemegdan

The most famous park is the one around the Kalemegdan Fortress. This is the most popular park among Belgraders and tourists who visit our city.

A green oasis in urban Serbia’s capital, the park has many winding walking paths, picturesque fountains, benches, historical architecture, and breathtaking river views.

It is also the oldest part of the city we now know as Belgrade. For centuries, the city’s inhabitants lived only inside the walls of the fortress. Kalemegdan is an old Turkish word for a battlefield.

kalemegdan park

Play Sports at Tasmajdan Park

Tasmajdan park is located in the city center. Tasmajdan is an old Turkish word for a stone quarry. In fact, most of the stone needed to build Belgrade was found right underneath this park.

Tasmajdan has also a few cafes, gym in the open and a jogging track. There is a large sports center beside the park, so it is a place to be if you like sports. During the summer you can enjoy the sun at the opened swimming pool and during the winter you can go to the closed Olympic pool for a swim.

Inside the park, there is the Church of Saint Marko, built just before the start of  The World War II. It is modeled after the famous Gracanica Monastery which is located in Southern Serbia.

tasmajdan park

For Party Lovers

You will never feel alone when you are in Belgrade. It is always easy to meet new people. After all, Belgraders make this city what it is. So, there will be no dilemma what to do in Belgrade at night – just party.

Go to Strahinjica Bana Street

This street is better known as Silicon Walley. The name comes from the silicon attributes of the girls that like to come to this street. To many of them, physical appearance means a lot.

There are many different cafes and pubs here, but watch out for the prices. This is one of the fancy parts of Belgrade, so the drinks are not quite cheap.


Party at Kafanas

Kafanas are Serbian national restaurants which serve delicious dishes like sarma or cevapcici. But that is not all. At nighttime, many kafanas create an amazing party atmosphere. They also offer live music, cheap drinks, good food and a night you will probably never forget (depending on how much you drink).

But beyond the excellent food and atmosphere, the term kafana stands for something more. It stands for bohemian lifestyle and Skadarlia Street is famous for that.

Initially a Gipsy settlement, Skadarlia soon evolved into an artist hotspot, because of the close proximity to the National Theater. It became the center of literary and artistic life. Belgraders like to compare Skadarlia with Montmartre in Paris.

Our hostel is on the street that is perpendicular to Skadarlia, so if you would like to feel real bohemian Belgrade rent a room at our place.

Hope that our 8 suggestions helped you to decide what to do in Belgrade. Also, if you have some other recommendations, feel free to comment below.

If you want to find out why people love Belgrade, check out this video.


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Backpacking Serbia – The Ultimate Guide Through This Country

The former Yugoslavia was a massive country in Europe, consisting of different cultures and a diverse terrain. From Julian Alpes to Lake Ohrid, Venetian towns on Croatian islands to the high mountains above Kotor Bay, Ottoman bridges in Bosnia to the bustling city of Belgrade, there are many different things to see and experience. Many backpackers come to this region to visit attractions of Yugoslavian former republics. When backpacking Serbia as a part of your Balkans tour, you will definitely stay breathless to its beauty. Here is what you have to visit.

Belgrade – Starting Point for Backpacking Serbia

Belgrade is Serbia’s capital and the largest city in this country, so it can be a great starting point for your backpacking through Serbia.

Knez Mihailova Street and Question Mark Tavern

The Knez Mihailova and surrounding streets are the core center of the Serbia’s capital, so you should definitely stroll around if you have time. To the west, close to the park, you will find a Palace of Princess Ljubica and the Serbian Orthodox Museum.

Near, there is a Question Mark Tavern (“Znak Pitanja”) which is one of the most famous taverns in the city. It is a historical building built in 1823 by a Greek architect. The place got its unusual name in 1892 during a dispute between the Serbian Orthodox Church and its owner. The tavern originally opened as a cafe and the owner had named it after the Saborna Church. This led to church authorities strongly protesting, forcing him to remove the name. As a temporary solution, the owner put a question mark on the door. So, it eventually became the tavern’s official name.

On the southeast side of the city center, you will find Republic Square. It is the main meeting point for locals. Also, The National Theatre and The National Museum of Serbia are close by.

Belgrade - Kalemegdan

Skadarlia – the Gem of Belgrade

One area that you will really love in Belgrade is Skadarlia. It is a bohemian district with lots of cafes and restaurants. That is why it really comes alive at night. This street is very picturesque and it is an ideal place to enjoy Serbian cuisine in a traditional setting. You must try out sarma, cevapcici and Karadjordjeva steak and spice it up with famous alcoholic drink rakia. Our hostel is also near, so you can stay here while visiting Belgrade and backpacking Serbia.

Slavia and the Flower Square

From Skadarlia, you can easily reach Terazije and then walk through Kralja Milana Street to get to the Student Cultural Center and Flower Square (“Cvetni Trg”). There is a nice Njegoseva street with lots of cafes in a row. The Slavia roundabout is considered as an attraction as tourists sit and observe how accidents fail to occur even with cars coming in and out so fast. You might need earplugs here because drivers horn here way too much.

The Temple of St. Sava

Near Slavia, there is the temple of St. Sava, which is (as some say) the largest Orthodox Church in the world! It was built in 1594, but it is renovated inside. It is a majestic building and one of the symbols of Belgrade.

Belgrade is the gateway to the Balkans with both it’s positive and negative elements that all Balkan countries tend to have. But, Serbia has much more to offer than just its capital. If you have adventuristic spirit, you can take a bus, a train or even hitchhike through Serbia and visit one of the following destinations.

Other places in Serbia Definitely Worth Visiting

Since Belgrade is Serbia’s capital, foreign tourists often stop by. However, when backpacking Serbia you shouldn’t focus only on Belgrade. There are many beautiful places this country has to offer besides this famous big city.


Hey, did you know that Nis is also listed among 15 best places to visit in Serbia by The Crazy Tourist?

When you go from Belgrade to other big cities like Skopje or Sofia, you can use Nis as a stopover point. While backpacking Serbia and Balkans, you can stop by to this famous University town.

Nis is dating back to 279 b.c., so it is one of the oldest European cities.  Founder of the powerful Constantinople, Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, was born here. In his honor, there is a memorial in the city center. Also, there are remains of an 18th-century fortress built by the Turks. Although gruesome, a Skull Tower is interesting to see because it was made of the skulls of Serbians who were killed by the Ottomans. On the Southeast of the city, there is Niska Banja, 9 kilometers from Nis. This spa is a center of the health tourism and it has hot water springs which can help in treating rheumatic disorders.

Devil’s Town

Devil’s town was named after unusual rock formations caused by erosion. There is an urban legend which says that rocks are actually members of a wedding ceremony which were scared by the Devil himself. The Devil’s Water, (known as “Djavolja voda” in Serbian) also affected this geological phenomenon. This water is very acidic, so it contributed to forming of unusual shapes.

This is a never ending story. Pillars collapse and make room for the new formations to appear, making these rock formations changing and evolving through time. So, don’t miss out this attraction on your backpacking Serbia trip.

biking in mountains

Kopaonik National Park

Kopaonik became a national park in 1981 and it is the highest mountain in Serbia. Scenic and modern, the park is currently Serbia’s main ski resort. It has 25 ski lifts that can serve about 32 000 skiers per hour. The snow season lasts from November to May. It can also be a good place to hike during the summer, with different species of fauna and flora. Also, the mountain has mineral wealth with silver, gold, zinc and iron. There are also geysers, hot springs, and waterfalls.

Djerdap National Park

There are Three Gorges in China, but Djerdap National Park has its own four gorges. They stretch through the valleys and they are 115 km (72 miles) long. One of the deepest rivers in the world runs through a gorge called Gospodjin Vir. These gorges combine all together to make Djerdap Gorge. It is a southern entrance to the Carpathian Mountains, also known as the Iron Gate.

The park is located near the imposing Golubac fortress, on the Danube river. It one of the most often visited areas in Serbia, especially thanks to a lake formed by a hydroelectric plant and an abundance of flora and fauna.

Studenica Monastery

If you pass through the Central Serbia while backpacking, make sure to visit Studenica Monastery. You will be amazed by two marble churches (Church of the King and Church of the Virgin) and a lush green grass.

However, this 12th-century monastery has outstanding 13th and 14th-century paintings, frescoes, and other ornate decorations that can be seen in different churches at Studenica. The monastery has a reputation of the mother of all Serbian Orthodox monasteries and the richest monastery in Serbia.

Founder of the monastery Stefan Nemanja is buried on the grounds.



Zlatibor is a well-known tourist attraction in the mountains of the western Serbia. There are many facilities to keep you healthy and entertained, from skiing resorts in the winter to hiking centers in the summer.

At Tornik, the highest part of Zlatibor, there is a famous ski resort. It has a capacity of 5 400 skiers every hour. Also, there are rustic historic villages and large meadows. Old churches made of wood are top attractions for tourists.

Novi Sad

Backpacking Serbia must include Novi Sad. It is a lovely city on the Danube River. There is one of the river’s best beaches.

Novi Sad is Serbia’s second largest cities with a laid-back atmosphere. This city became famous worldwide for its Exit Music Festival held annually in July. People from all over the world come to Exit to listen to their favorite musicians and of course, have fun!

Some of the buildings that are worth seeing are:

  • Old Town Hall located on the main square,
  • a Church of Great Martyr St. George and.
  • Dundjerski Castle.


The country’s fifth largest city is one of the best places to visit when backpacking Serbia. Interesting buildings like the City Hall and the Synagogue were are here from early 1900. Also, there are older buildings like the Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila, built in 1797. Cafes around the main square are a good place to relax. If you like shopping, you will be happy to find Buvljak, one of the largest flea markets in Europe.

If you think that we have missed something worth visiting, please comment below, so we can include this place to our list. And, of course, stay in our Belgrade hostel when backpacking Serbia. We will always be happy to see you.


Skadarlija hostel – 5 reasons to choose this location

Skadarlija is an old bohemian street located in the city center. It is among top places which you must experience while visiting Belgrade. But, many tourists might wonder should they stay in a Skadarlija hostel. The answer is YES! And here are 5 reasons to do so…

It saves you money

You might wonder how. Well, when you stay at Skadarlija hostel, you will be a few minutes away from famous tourist attractions, like Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan or Terazije. You won’t need to waste money on buses or taxi.

Great food

This street is famous for great food at affordable prices. There are several different national restaurants here (a national restaurant is often called kafana in Serbia), so you will be able to choose your favorite. Here are a some of our suggestions:

  • Mali vrabac
  • Šešir moj
  • Dva jelena
  • Zlatni bokal
  • Ima dana
  • Tri šešira

Money saving tip: If you are traveling on the budget, you might want to eat in the hostel. There is a green market Bajlonijeva pijaca very close to Skadarlija, so you can buy everything you need there.

Kafana - Skadarlija

Fun, fun, fun

Since it is in the city center, Skadarlija is also close to Belgrade’s best nightclubs. You can warm up at pubs until midnight and then you can move on to some more interesting places. Also, it is important for you to know that drinks are much more expensive at clubs then in pubs, and prices can even be twice higher.

So, here is a list of nightclubs in the city center:

  • Stefan Braun, 4 Nemanjina Street
  • Brankow, 12 Crnogorska Street
  • Square, 15 Students Square
  • Mladost, 44 Karadjordjeva Street
  • Ludost, 44 Karadjordjeva Street
  • Gadost, 44 Karadjordjeva Street
  • Community by Casina, 25 Terazije
  • Bitef Art Cafe, 1 Mire Trailovic Square
  • Dobrila, 30 Dobracina Street
  • Rokanje, 15 Cetinjska Street (close to our hostel)

Belgrade party


Rich history

Even if are not a party animal, you can still have a great time while staying at Skadarlija. This street has a rich history, so if you like to learn facts about cities you visit, you will definitely be at the right place.

Many people don’t know that before it became a bohemian quarter, this area was a Gipsy district. It was urbanized in 1870. Also, there was a Bibi’s Creek flowing through.

The river is near our Skadarlija hostel

Although this street is not located on the river, you can take a 15-minute walk from Skadarlija hostel to 25. Maj. From there, go towards Kalemegdan, and you will have an amazing view to this ancient fortress. For those who like to ride a bike, this location is also great, because there is a bicycle path from 25. Maj to Ada Ciganlija or Novi Beograd.

Now you know five reasons to stay at Skadarlija hostel. Therefore if would you like to be in the city center on a budget, you can book a dormitory room at Bed ‘n’ Beer. Single rooms are a bit more expensive, but you will have the privacy almost like in a hotel.

We are looking forward to greeting you at our hostel.



Belgrade Hostel – Things you should know before you visit us

Visiting the capital of Serbia is one of a kind experience. This exciting city has many things to offer, especially to young travelers eager to party. For them, our Belgrade hostel is the place to be, since it is located in the center of the city. If you stay at Bed ‘n’ Beer, you will be near all interesting events and nightclubs. So, to get the best out of this visit, there are a few things that you should know before you come to visit us.

A few words about Belgrade


Our Belgrade hostel to KalemegdanLocation of this lovely city is on the confluence of two beautiful rivers – Danube and Sava. Near the place where two flowing giants meet, our ancestors have built a Belgrade fortress way back in the history, before 3rd century BC. If you want more information about this fascinating building, klick here. There is also a huge park in this area called Kalemegdan. If the weather is sunny during your visit in our beautiful city, make sure to spend a few hours in this park and enjoy the nature. If you like, you can also visit the city Zoo in this area.


The official currency in our country is Serbian dinar (RSD), and in stores, you can use only that type of currency. Luckily, you can exchange your money in many exchange offices which all over the city.  The exchange rates may vary slightly, so you can look for the best rate on this link. For example, on this day, for one euro you will get about 123 Serbian dinars.

Public transportation

Belgrade public transportationAnother thing that you should know about our city is how to use a public transportation. Here, we have buses, trams, and trolleybus. From Zetska street, where our Belgrade hostel is located, you can use all three transportation types. Try to avoid the traffic jam at 9 am and 5 pm. Also, make sure that you have a ticket when using buses or trams. You can buy a daily ticket at every corner shop and it is called BusPlus. The price of a daily ticket is 150 RSD, for three days it is 700 RSD, and for 5 days it is 1000 RSD (about 8 EUR). If you prefer to use a taxi, here is the list od all taxi associations in Belgrade. Some of them will give you a discount if you call them in advance.

Where to eat

If you prefer to eat international food for a small buck, you can go to McDonnalds restaurant which is just a few minutes away by foot from our Belgrade hostel. Also, there is KFC nearby.  In the center, there are also many fast-food restaurants and bakeries. In our hostel, we can also serve breakfast, on request.

Besides that, a little more expensive option is to visit some of the restaurants that offer national cuisine. The best ones are in the same area as  Bed ‘n’ Beer – in Skadarlija street. You should definitely try Serbian best dishes:

Serbian food

  • Sarma (minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves)
  • Cevapcici (minced meat rolls with onion)
  • Karadjordjeva snicla (specially prepared pork steak)
  • Komplet lepinja (flat bun with an egg)
  • Prebranac (baked beans)
  • Gibanica (traditional pie with cheese)
  • Kajmak (special kind of meat cream)
  • Ajvar (product made of peppers)

If you prefer sweets, you must try vanilice, baklava, and orasnice.

In Belgrade, there are also numerous international restaurants with Chinese, Italian, Mexican and many different cuisines.


One of the main reasons for young people to visit Serbia’s capital is the exciting nightlife. During the weekend, cafes and pubs usually work until midnight. After that, the crowd moves on to nightclubs all over the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit clubs on the river, because a good time is guaranteed there. Prices of drinks vary from 2-10 euros. In pubs, you can get a draft beer much cheaper, for about 100 RSD.

Things you should know about our Belgrade hostel

  • We are hostel in the heart of the city
  • We offer single rooms, hextuple rooms, dormitories and an apartment
  • Our reception is opened non-stop
  • We are pet-friendly
  • Our prices go from 8 eur
  • We will be always happy to see you!


Hostel in Belgrade – 5 types of guests

When you work in a hostel, you get to meet many different people from all around the world.  Our talkative staff gathered one evening, starting to tell funny anecdotes from previous months. Different faces and diverse characters pass through our hostel in Belgrade almost on a daily basis. After trying to recall some of them, Mira, Dejan, and Lex came to a conclusion that there are five types of hostel guests.

1. Party Animals

For them, there is only one reason to come to Belgrade – party! Since Serbia’s capital is famous for exciting nightlife, many guests come here just to have fun. They won’t remember much of historical attractions, but they will definitely know the best traditional bars (kafana) and clubs in the city. Well, who could blame them?

2. Know-it-all

This type of guest will never ask you for any advice. They come to our Hostel in Belgrade fully prepared. They already know the streets, prices, everything.  Sometimes, when we try to suggest them the best cafes and restaurants,  our know-it-all guests almost feel insulted. The best way to get close with this wiseacres is to ask them for help.

3. Sporty Guests

Often travel by bike, get up at 6 a.m., just to go jogging. They like to have some time to rest (especially during the night), so they might not get along with no 1 from our list. Also, sporty guests always ask where to go for a walk in nature. Therefore, Ada Ciglanlija, Kosutnjak, and Avala are their favorite places in Belgrade.

4 . Techies (Yes, B’n’B Hostel in Belgrade has a Wi-Fi)

They never separate from their gadgets, and they are almost always online. Lucky for them, so is our hostel in Belgrade. They travel with mobile, tablet, laptop, camera, two shirts, and underwear.

5. Tourists

And finally, good old tourists (not in age). They travel out of curiosity, to explore beautiful places. For them, it is very important that the hostel has friendly staff, that can suggest them where to go and what to see. That is why they love our hostel.

Feel free to comment below, if you fall into one of these groups. On the other hand, give us a suggestion for a part two of this article if you have your own categories to add.


Budget accommodation – a cheap way to travel

We all love to travel, but unfortunately, a lot of us lack either time or money. While free time is a question the way you organize your life, money issue can be solved by traveling on a budget. There are many different ways to make your trip more affordable and less expensive, including staying at a budget accommodation.

Picking a destination

This is the first step that you have to take when planning a trip. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • For far destinations, you will need a plane. For example, you can go by bus or train from Rome to Serbia, and you will be there in 12 – 15 hours. But, what about the route from New York to Moscow? It would take the lifetime to get there without the plane. So, when traveling on a budget you have two option. The first one is to go to closer destinations. The second option is to book the plane ticket way ahead of your trip. Also, you can find a low-cost airline that operates in your country and then pick your destination among places they have to offer.
  • Besides distance, costs of living in a certain country can also affect your budget. If you plan to go to London, you should have in mind that this is one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Klick here to read about the prices there. On the other hand, the Balkan region is well known as an affordable and beautiful place to visit. Food, beer, and nightlife won’t costs much less than in England, Germany or Italy. Also, you can find great cheap accommodation much easier.
  • Traveling off season is also a way to visit interesting destination for much less money. If you want to visit European cities by the sea, avoid June, July, and August. In capitals, like Belgrade, prices of accommodation can get a bit higher around New Year and other holidays.

Choosing a budget accommodation

Now that you decided what country and city you wish to visit, it is time to book a budget accommodation. Hostels that offer dormitory rooms are usually the cheapest option. But, before you choose the hostel, you should check how it is ranked on websites like, TripAdvisor, and HostelWorld. These are all reliable websites that serve as modern tourist guides. If you click on these links you will see that Bed ‘n’ Beer Hostel has great reviews from many satisfied clients. When you decide to visit Serbia, or just to travel through, you can book excellent budget accommodation in our hostel. Here, you will feel more than welcome.

Student hostel – a way save money when traveling

If you are still a student, the chances are that you have to travel on the budget. Until you start making your own money, student hostel can be a great way to see the world without spending your entire savings.

5 reasons to go to a student hostel

Here are five reasons why you MUST visit the student hostel at least once while you are still young.

  1. I think that you already CAN guess the first and the most important one – money. Since it is so obvious, there are no reasons to further emphasize this reason.
  2.  Beautiful girls – More than 75% of people that visit hostels are under 28 years of age. This means that you will stay at a place which is full of young people, and young girls. Plus, the atmosphere in any hostel is much less formal than in expensive hotels. Mingling is more than welcome. 🙂 If you decide to come to Belgrade, and to stay in our hostel, you will be amazed by our pub, where you can meet the other guests.
  3. Interesting guy – If you are looking for an interesting guy, who knows, you might meet him in a hostel. Guys that stay at the hostels usually like to travel, so they have many interesting stories to tell.
  4. Drinking buddies – It is well known that students like to party. When you go to a student hostel, you can easily find drinking buddies, even if you travel alone. As mentioned before, hostel Bed ‘n’ Beer has its own pub. It leaves you and your new drinking buddies with more than one option when you visit Belgrade. You can explore the city together, or hang out at our pub. It is up to you.
  5. Last but not least – Student hostels usually have a large lounge area that is accessible to all guests. It is a place where you can chill after the exhausting day (or night).

In Belgrade – stay at Bed ‘n’ Beer

Balkans and Serbia are among top European destinations for students. Prices of food and drinks are more than affordable, and nightlife is amazing.  If you decide to visit Belgrade (the capital of Serbia), book our hostel!

To see pics of B’n’B click here.